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Can  you think of a team that has won twenty-six championships consecutively? Not the Yankees, not the Jets, or the Rangers have this record. There is only one team who has reached this goal, and that is the Saint Joseph by- the-Sea Varsity Cheerleading team.  Keeping the tradition is one of the team’s main goals.  
“The LegaSEA has been going on for twenty-six years,” senior Bernedette Sullivan said, “and will continue forever.” 
Many people argue that cheerleading is not a sport, but the varsity team practiced up to six days a week for eleven months of the year.  It took a great deal of time to create their routines,
learn them and then move as one unit.  Along with their strenuous practices, the team also took a tumbling class in New Jersey and cheered at all of the basketball games. 
“We work very hard all year long,” sophomore Jillian Wald said, “but in the end it pays off.”
The team competed in four major competitions throughout their season: Regionals, Nationals, CSI (the Island competition) and Fordham (the state competition). This year the girls placed first at Regionals and seventh in the National Competition in Orlando, Florida. 
“I love the feeling when I compete and I love showing off the routine to all the fans that have been waiting all year to see us,” junior Lauren Scadiffi said. “The feeling of winning is like no other feeling in the world.” 
Besides skill, vocal techniques and flexibility, Cheerleading takes a great deal of hard work and dedication. 
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Dedication, confidence, hard work, talent and leadership are qualities that come to mind when thinking about the junior varsity cheerleading squad. 
“We are in the gym more than we are at home,” sophomore Natalie Miceli said.
This year there was only one jv team.  It showed how popular cheerleading was and why many girls chose to cheer.  
“We are the only jv team this year,”  sophomore Taylor Gardner said.
The jv worked extremely hard to prepare for the varsity level in years to come.  They showcased their difficult and exciting routine at the CSI competition and competed in a competition in New Jersey, receiving first place. The talents of the girls as individuals as well as the team as a whole showed through as the performed their routine.
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Marissa McErlean Cresci,
Head Varsity Coach

Vicky Patanio,
Asst. Varsity Coach

Alicia Brancato Marshall,
Head JV Coach

Jessica DiSanto,
JV Coach

Amanda Tolino,
JV Coach

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