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Five, six, seven, eight!  Set 1, 2 in 3, 4 dip 5, 6 up 7, 8.  Every practice...over and over... But there’s more to cheering than that. Besides their normal practices, the football cheerleaders
attended a UCA stunt camp over the summer.  
“The UCA Staff really helped the teams prefect their stunts,” coach Jackie Manos said.  “I was very proud of the progress they made over the summer.”
After camp the girls were eager to get back on their home field to show  the fans their bigger and better stunts.  
“We were able to raise our level of difficulty because we have new girls who are more experienced,” junior Alyssa Ferraiuolo said.   
The football cheerleading captains tried to keep stunting safe while preparing for Homecoming. 
“The girls learned that their hard work while being mindful of their safety paid off after the success of Homecoming,” captain Briana Lopresti said.  
Both jv and varsity preformed a routine at halftime during Homecoming which included a dance, jumps and stunts.  
“JV surprised me with how fast they learned the dance and stunts,” jv captain Jessica Restivo said, “and how they worked together for Homecoming.” 
The varsity team had five stunt groups allowing them to have more crowd interaction than in previous years, giving the girls a new level of confidence in their team.  
“All of the girls put their heads together to come up with the routine,” coach Jackie Manos said.  “It features a little piece of everyone and it’s something they are all proud of.”
This season was very successful for the football cheerleaders.  This year’s captains did a great job in preparing the girls for this season.  
“This year we had a lot of fun making the routine and I can’t wait to see what we come up with next year,” freshman Nicole Marchese said. 
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