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All that can be seen from the overflowing stands is a white blur running as fast as lightning down the basketball court. She shoots, she scores and the crowd goes wild!  
The varsity girls’ basketball team was coached by Frank Giordano Sr. and Frank Giordano Jr.  Seniors Victoria Laurella and Maria Nardulli were the captains for the varsity team this season. The team proved themselves  this year, with a number of wins throughout the season.  
“The team worked really hard and pushed themselves throughout the entire  season,” senior Victoria Laurella said, “and  I am very proud of everyone and everything  we have accomplished together this year and the past three years as well.” 
Daily practices were strenuous and monotonous for all the girls, but ultimately the team’s dedication paid off. Exercises and work outs included suicides, running, dribbling and various other drills. The coaches pushed their team during practices so all the girls would play to the best of their abilities during their games.
“Our team was a small team with a big heart,” senior Ally Castris said. “I am proud of our success as a team and I am glad to have spent the last four years with these girls. I could not have asked for better teammates.”  
The varsity team consisted of only ten girls, six of whom were seniors. Off the court there was a sense of unity among the girls which proved pivotal on the court. 
The junior varsity girls’ basketball team was led by sophomore Jamie Pifalo. With the help of their  two dedicated coaches, Tony Edwards and Sly Willis, the team won 14 of their 22 games.
“Practices are always difficult but eventually our hard work pays off on the basketball court,” sophomore Jamie Pifalo said. “Our coaches are a big part of our success; they are always motivating us to play our absolute best.”
Overall, both girls’ basketball teams had successful seasons.
“All of the girls have a lot of heart, ” sophomore Jackie Colangelo said. “This season all of our hard work and dedication have definitely paid off.”
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Coach Frank Giordano, Varsity

Coach Gene Henderson, JV




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