First In The Nation To Offer Students a Seamless Online Learning Environment

Sea Pad

All Sea students receive their own iPad Air which comes pre-loaded with access to their Blackboard Account, as well as the Pearson App which contains all of their textbooks.  No more notebooks, textbooks, pens and pencils!  The iPad is backed through Google Drive and insured meaning no matter what happens to the device, your student will not only receive a new one but also have access to their notes and work from high school throughout college.  Moreover, we have a new every two program whereby students receive the latest edition of the iPad as a Freshman and than again as a Junior


The latest and best technology, Canvas,  sits at the heart of our Seamless Online Learning Environment.  It serves as the primary interface between students and teachers.  Submit homework, ask teachers questions, download entire PowerPoint presentations and worksheets, and more.  Sea gets students accustomed to using Canvas from day 1, giving them a competitive advantage when entering college.

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Smart Classrooms

In addition to our classrooms recently being renovated and including air conditioning for comfort, our Smart Classrooms are Wi-Fi enabled and feature Smart Boards, teacher kiosks, and the ability for students to interact with each in real time via discussion boards.  Teachers are able to display a lesson on the Smart Board which students can then download to their iPads and take notes on.  Student iPads are backed up internally on secure servers the minute they hit our Wi-Fi which allows us to instantly restore all saved information with the click of a button.


In 2014, Sea added the final component to its Seamless Online Learning Environment and made history doing so.  The integration of ExamSoft allows students to take tests directly on their iPad and receive grades instantly.  Moreover, teachers are able to review tests and add comments so students are able to learn from any mistakes.  These grades are than immediately posted in the students Blackboard account.  In a press release put out by executives at ExamSoft, they acknowledge Sea as being, “The first High School in the country to leverage this college-level software for its students.”

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One of our latest additions to our school is called Tech Deck, an area dedicated to both technology as well as helping students with their iPads. There are three full time staff members readily available to ensure that any issues related to student iPads are resolved. Tech support is also available 24/7 at help@josephsea.org. We service the device 100% from questions on how to use it, to completely replacing it if there is a problem. There’s no need to wory about missing school work due to a device problem.

During the first year of using iPads, students saw a 2 point increase in their final GPA and 20% of the class saw their GPA increase 5 points or more