Academic Program

We are 100% College Prepatory

Class of 2021 Snapshot

  • Earned an Advanced Regents Diploma 100% 100%
  • Earned a Year of College Credits at Sea 25% 25%
  • Earned a Semester or More of College 60% 60%
  • Earned Some College Credit 90% 90%

Earned over $82 MIllion In College Scholarship Monies

Our College Program

At Sea, our education takes into consideration what students will need to be successful at the collegiate level, and designs a four year curriculum around those needs to make the transition to college seamless. Beginning Freshman Year, students meet with our Guidance/College Advisement Department to discuss college options, requirements and the admissions process. Students also take an online college advisory course and attend our Semiannual College Fairs held in our school. We find starting the process early proves more advantageous for both students and parents.

Our dual enrollment program provides an exciting opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. We work with SUNY Albany, St. John’s University and Iona College to offer their college courses under their supervision in our school with our faculty members. Students register with the accrediting college and recieve the corresponding credits. Upon graduating from Sea, students are able to transfer the credits to the college of their choice. While there are some schools that may not accept the transfer credits, they are widely accepted at colleges and universities throughout the United States. Students in the Honors Program can earn up to 60 College Credits (two full years) while at Sea, and all students have the opprtunity to earn at least 18 credits.

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Curriculum Breakdown



English 9 or 9H

Global Studies 9 or 9H

Algebra R or RH Or Geometry R or RH

AP Biology (Living Environment) RH With Lab, Biology R With Lab or AP Chemistry 10 RH With Lab

Italian I or Spanish I

Latin I (required for Honors Program)

Art Appreciation

Music Appreciation

Physical Education

Freshman College Advisement


Christ and His Church

English 10 or English 10 H With Lab

Global Studies 10R or AP European History 10RH

Geometry R or RH with Lab or Physics RH with Lab or Algebra 2RH

Chemistry R or AP Chemistry RH or Physics RH or Earth Science

Italian II or Spanish II

Latin II (Required in Honors)

PSAT Verbal Skills

PSAT Math Skills

Physical Education Sophomore

College Advisement


Sacraments/Catholic Morality

English 11R or AP English Language & Composition

U.S. History & Government R or A.P. U.S. History

Algebra II/Trigonometry R or RH or Precalculus

AP College Physics or Physics RH with Lab or Earth Science R with Lab

Spanish III or Italian III

Latin III**(Required in Honors)

American History Writing Lab

Physical Education


Junior College Advisement


Vocations/Church History

English 12 or AP English LIterature & Composition

Participation in Goverment and Economics or One of the Following:

A.P. U.S. Government & Politics or Western Civilization

College Algebra & Trigonometry or One of the Following:

A.P. Calculus College Calculus Pre-Calculus

Physics (For students who took Earth Science) or One of the Following:

A.P. Biology  A.P. College Chemistry AP College Physics or Human Anatomy

AP Spanish IV or AP Latin IV or AP Italian IV or Introduction to Analytical Writing & Speech Composition & Presentation

Physical Education

Senior College Advisement