Sea's Prep Program For Success

Partnering with Elementary Schools to Prepare Them For High School

About The Program

At Sea, we pride ourselves on preparing our students for college by giving them a competitive advantage while in high school.  The same holds true for grammar school students getting ready to enter high school.  The transition to high school from 8th grade can sometimes seem overwhelming so we’ve created a program to not only ease that transition socially but technologically as well.

As more and more schools begin to implement learning via the iPad, the first few months of high school can be daunting as students will need to adjust to this new style of learning.  For that reason, we’ve partnered with 9 grammar schools on Staten Island for our High School Preparatory Program for Success.

The program provides 7th and 8th graders, as well as their teachers, with iPads and access to Canvas.  Over the course of the school year, St. Joseph by-the-Sea staff visits each school on a weekly basis and teaches the students several courses exclusively using the iPad and Blackboard.  This allows youngster to become familiar and comfortable with this digital style of learning.  Whether they choose to then attend Sea or not, they will already have a year’s worth of experience using the iPad and Canvas which will prepare them for future success wherever they decide to go.

We Prepare Our Students For College & Now We Are Helping Prepare Elementary School Students for High School.  Take a Look at Sea’s Graduating Class of 2022.

  • Graduated Sea With Some College Credits 94% 94%
  • Completed A Semester of More of College At Sea 70% 70%
  • Earned a Year of College Credit While at Sea 35% 35%

A List of Participating Elementary Schools in The Program

  • OurLady Star of the Sea
  • St. Patrick’s

  • St. Teresa-St. Rita STREAM ACADEMY

  • Father Vincent Capodanno Catholic Academy

  • St. Christopher’s

  • Sacred Heart

  • Our Lady Queen of Peace

Want To Learn More?

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